KYOCERA presents sushi tips from a professional chef: How to make the Japanese specialty dish at home

Sushi chef Timo Könnecke presents a step-by-step guide on how to prepare sushi at home. With just a few simple steps, fresh ingredients and the new Shin knife series from Kyocera, you can easily make the Japanese specialty dish in your own kitchen.

Kyoto/Neuss − Sushi is famous for many things. It is said, for example, that the traditional Japanese dish increases your life expectancy if you incorporate it into your regular diet, prevents lung cancer, and even increases your chances of impressing your date. What we can say for absolute certain is that sushi has been one of our favourite foods for a very long time. What’s more, children are increasingly developing a taste for nigiri and maki: A recent study found that 43 per cent of children today eat sushi on a regular basis[1]. The extremely healthy dish comes in many different forms and variations and is increasingly finding its way into the kitchens of British families. The possibilities are endless, and with the right tools from Kyocera, preparing exquisite sushi dishes is not as difficult as some people may think.


KYOCERA Introduces New “rafre” Washable Smartphone

Users can keep their handsets clean by washing with foaming hand or body soap[1] (This product is only available to the Japanese market.)

Kyoto/Neuss − Kyocera Corporation today announced the release of the new rafre smartphone for Japanese service provider KDDI Corporation. The product is a successor to the original DIGNO rafre, which launched in December 2015 as the world’s first hand-soap-washable smartphone. In addition to resistance against foaming hand soap, the second-generation model possesses resistance to foaming body soap. The product will be available from March 2017 in Japan, and will be offered in three colors: Pale Pink, Clear White and Light Blue.


New KYOCERA 7129 Series Board to Board Connector Helps Reduce Charging Times for Mobile Devices

Space-saving connector handles current up to 10A for smartphones, tablets, & wearables.



KYOCERA has received two awards for its global warming prevention activities and its development of a highly efficient SOFC system.


Ambiente 2017: KYOCERA will present its new Shin knife series, featuring an innovative ceramic blade

Kyocera will present a new ceramic knife series and other products from its kitchenware portfolio at the world’s most important consumer goods trade fair in Frankfurt, Germany (Hall 3.1, Booth A40) from 10–14 February 2017.

Kyoto/Neuss − Kyocera, a Japanese technology group, is a leading manufacturer of fine ceramic products and components. The company is known for its high-quality ceramic knives, which are popular with customers across the world due to their sharp blades and slicing precision, and because they are very easy to clean. The company will present its new Shin series, a further innovation for the European market, at Ambiente 2017. The Shin series features an extremely durable Z212 ceramic blade, which remains sharp for twice as long[1] as other ceramic blades from Kyocera, thanks to an innovative new production method. The knives from the Shin series also feature an ergonomic handle that enables an even more comfortable grip as well as greater control. Furthermore, there is a slight bend in the back of the Shin knives, which allows the blade to effortlessly slice through fish, meat, fruit and vegetables. The new series, which includes knives in five different sizes, will be available from February 2017. The recommended retail price for the knives is between €59.99 and €99.99. Kyocera also offers a Shin series gift set, which comes slickly packaged in a gift box.


KYOCERA wins another award in recognition of its commitment to environmental protection

The Group receives further prizes for its efforts towards environmental protection and sustainable technology

Kyoto/Neuss - The Kyocera Corporation has won an award from the Japanese Minister of the Environment for its environmental protection measures for the seventh year in a row. The Japanese Group received the two most recently established prizes for environmental protection and sustainable technology. Many other countries, including Mexico and the US, have also recognised Kyocera’s efforts towards protecting the environment.


KYOCERA Optical Blood-Flow Sensor is Among World’s Smallest for Wearable Devices, Smartphones

Potential mHealth applications utilize earbuds and other devices to sense stress levels, help prevent dehydration and avoid altitude sickness

Kyoto/Neuss - Kyocera Corporation announced that it has developed one of the smallest known optical blood-flow sensors, which measures the volume of blood flow in subcutaneous tissue. With the sensor, Kyocera is researching a variety of mobile health (mHealth) applications such as monitoring stress levels or preventing dehydration, heatstroke and altitude sickness by studying trends or changes in blood-flow volume as alerts for these conditions and developing algorithms for detection.


KYOCERA Kyoto Opal Used in Textile for First Time, Provides Seven-Color Sparkle

Japanese traditional dyeing technique meets Kyocera’s proprietary opal technology to create new colorful scarf to represent Kyoto

Kyoto/Neuss - Kyocera Corporation announced that its proprietary synthetic opal material, “Kyoto Opal,” is being utilized in a textile for the first time. As part of the Hashiru Nippon-Ichi, a program promoting Japanese souvenirs, the “Kyoto Playful Opal Color Hand-Printed Scarf” was selected for the “Old Capitals: Kyoto and Nara” project.



Meerbusch, Germany – November 2016: KYOCERA Document Solutions, one of the world’s leading document solutions companies, announced the winners its 9th annual KYOCERA Service Awards. The event took place at the European headquarters in Meerbusch from 10th to 11th November, as part of the organisation’s commitment in recognising service excellence.

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