KYOCERA Solar Lights Up Arco Metropolitano, Brazil’s Largest Solar-Powered Highway

More than 4,300 solar streetlights illuminate 73km of the superhighway

Kyoto, Japan/Neuss, Germany − Kyocera Corporation and Kyocera Solar, Inc. announced today that Kyocera is completing Brazil’s largest highway solar-lighting project on the Arco Metropolitano do Rio de Janeiro, a highway project connecting the five main highways crossing Rio de Janeiro.


Kyocera introduces new touch feeling technology for real button feeling

The proprietary virtual reality technology enables innovative real touch feeling and a display feedback, which simulates the feeling of having pushed a mechanical button on a panel and pad. Automotive applications are expected to further improve driver safety.

Kyoto / Neuss – The Japanese technology Corporation Kyocera, a leading manufacturer in the field of electronic devices, introduced a newly patented technology in Europe for real touch feeling and force feedback in display screens. The development of a real button sensation is expected to create a new type of user interface. It can be used in touch panel or touch pad products for a broad range of applications such as automotive and industrial equipment or in the field of information and communications.


Optimise your photovoltaic system’s efficiency all year round

Kyocera offers an all-in-one service for managing and optimising photovoltaic systems – including fault analysis and repairs – regardless of manufacturer.

Kyoto, Japan/Neuss, Germany − 10 August 2015 – Kyoto, Japan/Neuss, Germany – When properly planned and maintained, photovoltaic systems are an environmentally-friendly and effective method of power generation. However, each season brings its own specific challenges that need to be considered. For instance, in summer particularly high temperatures can result in a reduced power yield and seasonal storms with squalls and heavy rain can damage the system.


KYOCERA introduces New Wide Screen TFT-LCD for Industry Applications

Kyocera’s new 10.1” and 12.1” WXGA TFT-LCD displays for industrial applications.

Kyoto / Neuss – The Japanese technology Corporation Kyocera, a leading manufacturer in the field of electronic devices, announced two new wide format (16: 10) TFT-LCD displays that are in volume production now - new 10.1” and 12.1” WXGA TFT-LCDs. Wide format TFT-LCDs provide a modern design look and allow more information to be displayed on the screen. The increased resolution and wide aspect ratio provide greater details and achieve a sharper image making them ideal for industrial applications including medical, agriculture, test and measurement, and marine applications.


KYOCERA’s Recrystallized Blue Sapphire Sparkles in New CASIO OCEANUS Watch Design

With less impurities compared with natural gemstones, the synthetic mineral features brilliant coloration and high transparency while enabling easy cutting

Kyoto/Neuss – Kyocera Corporation (President: Goro Yamaguchi) announced today that the company’s recrystallized blue sapphire gemstones are being used in the new Casio OCEANUS lineup of solar-powered, radio-controlled watches. Developed based on Kyocera’s unique crystal technology, the synthetic mineral realizes luminous elegance in the new watch design.


KYOCERA launches new industrial cutting tool: MFH mini is a small-diameter, high-feed endmill

Achieves high efficiency and high feed rate with multi-edge design

Kyoto/Neuss – Kyocera announced the launch of the MFH mini, a small-diameter, high-feed endmill* for processing metal parts. The new product achieves highly efficient processing by utilizing the company’s proprietary, newly designed insert and is now available.


Abandoned Golf Course in Kyoto Prefecture, Japan to be Repurposed with 23-Megawatt Solar Power Plant from KYOCERA TCL Solar LLC

Kyoto, Japan/Neuss, Germany − Kyocera Corporation (President: Goro Yamaguchi; herein “Kyocera,”) announced today that Kyocera TCL Solar LLC, its joint venture with Century Tokyo Leasing Corporation (President: Shunichi Asada; herein “Century Tokyo Leasing”), has commenced construction of a 23-megawatt (MW) solar power plant on an abandoned golf course in Kyoto Prefecture, Japan. The plant will generate an estimated 26,312 megawatt hours (MWh) per year — enough electricity to power approximately 8,100 typical local households*


Kyoto Prize 2015: Inamori Foundation announces this year’s laureates

Kyoto, Japan - The Kyoto Prize, alongside the Nobel Prize one of the world’s highest honors for the lifetime achievement of outstanding personalities in the fields of culture and science, is being awarded this year to Dr. Toyoki Kunitake, Chemist; President, Kitakyushu Foundation for the Advancement of Industry, Science and Technology, Dr. Michel Mayor, Astrophysicist; Professor Emeritus, University of Geneva, and Mr. John Neumeier, an American-born choreographer; Intendant and Artistic Director, The Hamburg Ballet. Each worth 50 million yen (around €360,000/£290,000*), the prizes are awarded each year by the Inamori Foundation, which was initiated in 1984 by Dr. Kazuo Inamori, founder of the Japanese technology corporation Kyocera.


Kyocera grows ‘Green Curtains’ to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions

Kyocera Corporation once again leads the way in environmental protection awareness and sustainability with its ‘Green Curtain’ initiative at company locations around the globe.

Kyoto/Neuss – Kyocera Corporation is planting Green Curtains at its production sites for the ninth consecutive year. The natural foliage creates ‘curtains’ that cover building walls and windows, providing shade for the rooms inside and lowering the building temperature by up to 2°C, which in turn can significantly reduce the use of energy-consuming air-conditioning systems.* In this way, at its peak, perceived temperature is lowered by as much as 15°C.