Automotive Components

Kyocera's components are widely used for various automotive applications
such as Engine power train parts, ITS components and Automotive electronic components.

Engine / powertrain related components

Kyocera provides various functional parts making good use of the wear-proof and heat-resistant characteristics of ceramics.
The following power train parts can be offered:

  • Pump Components for Diesel Engine
  • Turbocharger Rotors
  • Rocker Arm Tips
  • Swirl Chambers
  • Multi-layer Ceramic Substrates for ECU
  • Pressed Ceramic Components
  • Exhaust Control Valves
  • Power-Saving Saturation (PSS) Glow Plugs
  • Piezoelectric-Stack
  • Power Module Substrates/Power IC Substrates
  • Ceramic Activated Carbon Honeycomb

Telematics related components

Kyocera's various technologies, such as high frequency, liquid crystal,
optics, ceramic materials, etc., are utilized for ITS components such as
IC packages, camera lenses, antennas, displays and connectors.
The following ITS components can be offered:

  • Antennas
  • Stereo Cameras
  • Camera Modules
  • Millimeter-Wave Packages
  • Sensor Packages

Automotive electronic components

Kyocera's components are widely used for various automotive electronics
The following Automotive electronic components can be offered:

  • Component Assembly Technology for Ceramic ECU
  • Oxygen Sensor Heaters
  • SAW Resonators
  • Ceramic Resonators
  • Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors, DM Series
  • LCDs for Industrial Applications
  • Cabin Heater Igniters
  • Ferrites
  • Crystal Units
  • Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillators (TCXO) for GPS
  • SAW Filters
  • Decorative Colored Ceramics
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