KYOCERA introduces new Silicon Nitride Igniter for residential Gas Furnace

Kyocera has developed a long life igniter for residential heating systems which is referred to as the most robust igniter in the world [1]

Kyoto / Neuss – Kyocera, a Japanese technology group, has developed a new silicon nitride igniter with exceptional endurance and very stable ignition performance for European residential gas furnaces. Kyocera`s SN igniter has been regarded as one of the most robust igniters in the world and heats up to more than 1000 degrees Celsius. As the new igniter can be operated at rated residential voltage, no high voltage protection is needed for either systems or modules. This allows flexible components selection and contributes to cost savings on the total system.


KYOCERA develops far infrared camera module for automotive applications and security

Kyoto / Neuss – The new camera technology can be customized to the specific client’s needs for vision enhancement in adverse lighting conditions and will be available next year.


KYOCERA Develops World’s First Platinum-Free Soot-Sensing Element for Diesel Engines

Withstanding temperatures over 500°C, new product to support emissions systems by continuously monitoring soot filter performance

Kyoto / Neuss – Kyocera Corporation today announced that it has developed a sensing element to help monitor soot filters in diesel-engine vehicles — the first ever* to withstand operating temperatures above 500°C without the use of platinum.

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